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In 20 6 the Short Line and Regional Railroads reported replacing 3, 56,940 ties. ... Based on several Zeta-Tech studies, wood ties generally have a lower cost ... What types of wood preservatives are used to pressure treat wood crossties?【Get Price】

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Recent studies have shown that the treatment of conventional wood crossties with ... map see Figure , this report presents the effective increase in tie life both ... ZETA-TECH& 39;s TieLife model 3, 5 was developed to calculate the average ... Based on dual-treatment studies that have been performed 7- 2 , the Railway Tie.【Get Price】

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ZETA-TECH Associates, Inc. ... The Railway Tie Association represents producers and users of treated wood crossties. ... Tie Price Definition: Crossties magazine reports a “tie price” that reflects a weighted average of ... has not been studied.【Get Price】

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According to a report issued by Harsco Rail& 39;s ZETA-TECH last year, wood-tie life can ... "Research has shown that the use of borate-treated ties extends tie life in...【Get Price】

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Wood railroad crossties resistance to current higher axle loads, speeds and frequency, along with the durability under ... from this research work are summarized at the end of this report. ... They are normally treated with creosote or other preservatives Wood ... J.C, “Analysis of Wood Cross-tie Price Sensitivities” Zeta-Tech.【Get Price】

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New boron-based wood preserving technology is being employed by major US railroads in a dual treatment process in order to extend the life of wood ties in...【Get Price】

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World War II and improved concrete technology and prestressing techniques have ... estimated to last twice as long as timber ties and therefore can lower life cycle ... may be treated as an additional concrete tie failure mode worthy of additional ... ZETA-TECH. ... Report submitted to Federal Railroad Administration, 20 2.【Get Price】

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Koppers has been serving the railroad industry with treated wood railroad ties and railroad crossing panel products for more than 25 years. In North America, we...【Get Price】

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Creosote-treated wooden railroad crossties have been used for more than a century to ... The total volume of creosotetreated ties reported in the surveys is ... According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration RITA 50 , the...【Get Price】