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An armoured flight deck is an aircraft carrier flight deck that incorporates substantial armour in its design. Comparison is often made between the carrier designs of the Royal Navy ... When a kamikaze hits a Limey carrier it& 39;s just a case of "Sweepers, man your brooms."” American ... 28 May to 0 June 945, p. 8. On June 05...【Get Price】

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A "clean sweep" for a naval vessel refers to having "swept the enemy from the seas," a completely successful mission. It is traditionally indi ed by hanging a broom from a mast or lashing it to the ... However, both stories are legends; a broom in the seventeenth century indi ed the ship was for sale. The United States...【Get Price】

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Very basic slops were provided in the Royal Navy since 632. ... The midshipman used to serve seven years on the lower deck and was roughly ... In the 8th century a purser paid two sureties, totalling as much as 2 00 pounds, to the ... as well, to hoist a broom at her masthead commemorating a clean sweep of the seas.【Get Price】

Manual of Commands and Orders, 945 - Naval History and ...

Nov 3, 20 7 ... 8 Spanish 2-pounder · No. ... 2 British Howitzer · No. ... Living Conditions in the 9th Century US Navy · Log of the trip of the ... All hands on deck drop down on their faces to avoid bomb fragments. ... to permit shell fragments falling on deck, or to avoid a spray gas attack. ... Sweepers Man Your Brooms.【Get Price】

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British Pacific Fleet: Task Force 57 off Sakishima Gunto, Okinawa ... The exploding bomb and aircraft lashed out over the armoured deck and smashed the ... morning April st 945 and I was sitting in & 39;C& 39; for Charlie my faithful old Avenger waiting to take off on ... In a Limey carrier it& 39;s a case of “sweepers, man your brooms”.”.【Get Price】

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The rating system of the British Royal Navy was used to egorise warships between ... were the biggest of the fleet with their gun batteries carried on three decks. ... were no longer & 39;fit to stand in the line of battle& 39; by the end of the 8th century.【Get Price】

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Oct 3 , 2003 ... His minions direct the placement of aircraft on the deck, monitor the operation of ... In the 8th century, the British navy denied its sailors meat on ... The human broom picking up any and every small item on the flight deck.【Get Price】

This is what a broom tied to a mast means in the U.S. Navy ...

May , 20 7 ... But that broom was one of the most impressive symbols a crew could aspire to ... after sweeping the British from the seas at the Battle of Dungeness. ... There was no escort, but the Wahoo still had to watch for enemy deck...【Get Price】

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In the 8th century, the British navy denied its sailors meat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; these days were known as & 39;banian or ... Bollard - A squat cylindrical fixture attached to a jetty or deck. ... Also Snaky and Voice-pipe sweeper.【Get Price】

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Naval Surface Warfare Center CD Code 2230-Design Integration Tools. Bldg 92 ... c Install expanded metal lath by welding to the deck on 8 inch centers.【Get Price】

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C Commanding Officers of Aircraft Carriers and Air Station . ... Royal Canadian Navy had come into existence and its two cruisers, HMC ... flown off from the deck of a lighter towed astern of the destroyer, ... unforgettable roar of the single sus engine with its 8 open ... Broom II Magnificent topped up with fuel oil, aviation.【Get Price】

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Feb 7, 20 ... He argues that the Royal Navy of the 8th century offered a ... The crew would be formed up on deck, with the marines separating the officers...【Get Price】

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Jul 22, 20 ... No military weapon in use before the invention of gunpowder can fairly come under ... eighteenth century English Ship cannon ... In ships of war, the cannon of the lower-decks are usually drawn into the ship during the ... and sometimes, instead of being lambskin-covered, the sponge was a bristle brush.【Get Price】

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The entire crew; an order on board ship for all seamen to muster on deck immediately. ... Senior officers in the English Navy were known as "bigwigs" because they ... In the eighteenth century and probably before, a list was given to the officer or ... To & 39;Live over the brush& 39; jump the broom is to omit the marriage service after...【Get Price】

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For a century England had procured her main supply of masts from ... up and down the Channel with a broom tied to his masthead. Prior to the ... 8 Albion, 236. Sir John ... Some masts broke and fell, seriously damaging decks and wounding...【Get Price】

Minesweepers – World War 2 Harwich and Dovercourt History, Facts ...

The first mine-sweeper operation performed by the Harwich force was the ... The submarine disengaged without suffering any reaction and reached Napoli safely on the 8th. ... She remained on the Active List of the Royal Norwegian Navy until st ... a collision with a pilot ship which left her with a six foot hole at deck level.【Get Price】

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A Case Study of British Naval Impressment in Newfoundland, 794 ... of naval-civilian relations in Newfoundland, which in the eighteenth century developed ... had his men patch up the Boston& 39;s sails and make brooms for sweeping the decks.【Get Price】

Abbreviations in merchant seamen& 39;s records - The National Archives

Use this guide to interpret a range of abbreviations found in Merchant Navy service ... C, Captain master of a vessel or cabin, QM, Quarter master ... D H, Deck Hand, Strkpr, Store keeper ... Donkey-man or Dkyman, Donkey-engine operator, Swpr, Sweeper ... CRS 39, British seaman authorised to serve in a non-British ship.【Get Price】

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Butcher. MFA. Abbreviation C. Rank. Origin. C. OF. H. Corporal of Horse. BA. C. CENSOR. Cable Censor. EA. C. CTR. Chief Controller. QMAAC. C. DFDR. MJR.【Get Price】

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Royal Navy, naval arm of the British military and historically one of the world& 39;s ... but its three gun decks and low sterncastle and forecastle set the pattern for ships of ... During the 8th century the Royal Navy engaged in a long struggle with the...【Get Price】

The Seaman, 9 4- 9 8: Index of names - University of Warwick

Oct 8, 20 8 ... & 39;The Seaman& 39;, 9 4- 8: index of names mentioned for meritorious ... Captain, Mine sweeper ... Seaman, "Clacton" auxiliary mine-sweeping vessel, Royal Naval Reserve ... "C" Battery 63rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery, Head Office Staff, ... the vessel, which took Taylor and Fuller, deck hands, down with her.【Get Price】

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Boatswain As required by 7th Century law, British ships-of-war carried three smaller boats, the ... Chief& 39;s Bell It is at the Navy Memorial, Naval Heritage Center, Gallery Deck. ... Cup of Joe Josephus Daniels 8 May 862- 5 January 948 was appointed Secretary of the ... When we take her home, our broom will be a flying【Get Price】

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In the 8th century, the term referred to ships that were usually as long as a ship ... single continuous deck, the upper deck, while ships of the line possessed two or ... The Royal Navy captured her on March 9, 778, took her into service as HMS ... Phipps and Ariel captured the American privateer New Broom on October 22,...【Get Price】

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Jun 26, 20 6 ... By the 8th century clothing had changed and a mess cabinet with fold-down ... included all the necessary supplies: candles, firewood, brooms, buckets, rope, ... Sailors in the English navy had a daily ration of beer, but French ... They had shoes, but often went barefoot to avoid slipping on decks and ropes.【Get Price】

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The Picton Castle& 39;s hull is that of a rugged British 30& 39; North Sea trawler. ... served in the British Royal Navy as a mine sweeper and armed convoy escort. ... to areas below decks are on the centerline of the vessel; all have 8" sills and are ... satellite phone and data service; Inmarsat-C satellite service; three hand held VHF...【Get Price】


On the gun decks, a group of sailors rolled 50 cannons to the centerline to help the vessel heel over, easing the delivery of the rum casks. But the Royal George...【Get Price】