what does it cost to put a roof over my deck

Calculating the Cost of a New Roof

Whether you're renovating an existing structure or extending your home, a roof accounts for a large part of your budget, so it pays to be forewarned with an estimate of your costs. Fortunately, calculating the cost of a new roof is relatively straightforward.【Get Price】

How Much Does a Mobile Home Roof Replacement Cost?

Weather, debris and time can wreak havoc on your mobile home roofing. In addition to the elements, roofing only lasts for so long, which means you'll likely have to consider mobile home roof replacement at some point. Learn more about what to expect in this quick guide to cost considerations.【Get Price】

0 Simple Ways to Create Shade Over Your Deck

There are few places in your home more comfortable than your back deck. It’s the place where you spend the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book or spend the evening barbecuing and entertaining friends. But if your deck is wide open, the sun’s rays can shine down so brightly that it’s hard to 【Get Price】

What is the difference between baud rate and bit rate? - Stack ...

That is, if there are 4 bits per symbol, the baud rate will be ¼ that of the bit rate. ... We can use the remaining 6 code points for a space character and a small set of control ... Also, what do you do with the cards left over in a poker deck, ... Suppose I stand on the roof of my house and you stand on your roof.【Get Price】

Maintenance and Repairs Yahoo Answers

Is it a good idea to install a disposal system if your house only uses well water? ... my AC to run the fan 5 minutes to circulate the cold air every hour, will it cost a lot? ... I changed deck on my craftsman can& 39;t get the deck belt to tighten up tried 2 ... BUT that is also a very low-pitch roof, and roll roofing is better for a low pitch.【Get Price】

Maintenance and Repairs Yahoo Answers

I am going to have an attic fan installed on my roof for my garage. ... All aspects of the install, including the fan itself, are covered as part of a larger project, ... a lot of things could affect the final cost, my question is simply, HOW MUCH SHOULD A ... its a 998 sears craftsman honda gcv 60 motor that needs the deck to be...【Get Price】

Maintenance and Repairs Yahoo Answers

Find more questions on Maintenance and Repairs on Yahoo Answers. ... I am going to have an attic fan installed on my roof for my garage. ... All aspects of the install, including the fan itself, are covered as part of a larger project, ... that a lot of things could affect the final cost, my question is simply, HOW MUCH SHOULD A...【Get Price】

Cats Yahoo Answers

You can just put your in the carrier without any of these extras. Once they know ... My best friend& 39;s got the same thing when the was 2, and it cost a lot of money to put her right. Her parents ... If I touch the powerline above my roof will I get electrocuted. Should I ... I went under and brought him to the top of the deck.【Get Price】

How to Build a Roof Over My Existing Deck - Costs, Designs

Step 6: Install the ledger board, which will support the rafters. You can install it by flashing and bolting in place to the house wall. Step 7: Mark and cut your rafter...【Get Price】

i am getting my roof done with a reshingle it is 4x70 mobel home ...

Sep 3, 2009 ... what will it charge me just for labor so i dont get ripped off some one told me 500 and i buy the matteral ... i am getting my roof done with a reshingle it is 4x70 mobel home how many sq. is that? ... However it is good to add 20 percent waste so figure 200 sq. ft. ... I have a wooden deck around my pool.【Get Price】

Is it a good idea to build decking on top of pallets? Yahoo Answers

Mar , 2007 ... I want to put decking on my well drained 4 m2 enclosed patio. 4x2 joists would cost a fortune, so do you think it would be a good idea to use pallets ... this is to put bricks under the pallets and ordniary roof slates between the.【Get Price】

cost to lower ceiling for loft conversion? Yahoo Answers

Does anyone know how much it would cost to lower it with a coverage of approx 4 x 6 ... sit on the wall plate ...the wall plate holds the roof to the rest of the building ...the ... That does limit your accessibility, but after the ceiling is put in, how many times are you going to have to access ... I have a wooden deck around my pool.【Get Price】

How do you fill in a walkout basement? Is it possible? Yahoo ...

... is above the walkout basement, so you can& 39;t use the front door right now.....would it be cheaper to build a deck?? or to fill in the walkout basement? ... The size of each would be a big factor in the cost. ... Also, put a ROOF over the thing 【Get Price】

How to span 40 feet with no supports? Yahoo Answers

Oct 29, 20 3 ... I am wanting to build a deck on the back of my house and I will be about ten foot high off ... house and then going to put my decking on the joists it& 39;s also going to have a roof over it. ... If so can you tell me where to look for one at.【Get Price】

cost to put roof over deck? - DC Urban Moms and Dads

Can& 39;t ballpark without knowing how big the deck is...off the top of my head 5- 0k depending on what kind of look you are going for...unless your...【Get Price】

Adding a Roof Over an Existing Deck – Dosher Construction, Inc.

May 2 , 20 9 ... How hard is it to install that roof over your deck to achieve that oft needed ... The ledger board is the point at which you will attach your rafters.【Get Price】

Covered Deck or Not - Cost ? - Houzz

My current plans call for a deck off the dining area that is 5x 4. ... A roof is pretty exspensive to add at a later date, so I would seriously consider it now to get the...【Get Price】

Roof over deck - Houzz

We& 39;d like to build some kind of roof, whether gabled or shed over it, but aren& 39;t... ... The idea about the screens is interesting, but I wonder how much light they ... But you would most likely need to put the posts outside of the existing deck to be...【Get Price】

00 Great Manufactured Home Porch Designs How To Build Your ...

Dec 7, 20 9 ... You can add visual interest, curb appeal, and gaining outdoor living space is always a plus. A new porch can ... The size of the porch will be the biggest factor in cost. ... The difference between a porch and a deck is the roof.【Get Price】

Frequently Asked Questions Peachtree Decks and Porches

Q. Can you put a screened in porch or a roof over my existing deck? ... Q. I would like to add an outdoor kitchen to my project, but I have no idea what they cost to...【Get Price】

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Patio Roof? A and J Reliable

Apr 5, 20 3 ... The cost to build a patio roof depends on size, materials, scope and difficulty. ... Adding wood latticing to a roof of the same size could add...【Get Price】

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck? DIY

The really good news about establishing your deck budget is that there are many free deck cost estimators available online. Put in your dimensions, choose your...【Get Price】

The 0 Best Patio Roof Contractors Near Me with Free Estimates

Here is the definitive list of patio roof contractors near your lo ion as rated by your ... To set up a consultation or appointment with a general contractor during the ... For more information, read “How much does it cost to build a deck or porch?”.【Get Price】

Top 20 Porch and Patio Designs and their Costs - 24hPlans

Feb 9, 20 9 ... This price includes only the materials you need to build the deck. If we add the contractor& 39;s fees, the price goes over $45,000. ... The plan costs $70 and the cost-to-build for a 2 ft. x 6 ft. screened porch with shed roof is...【Get Price】

How Much Does a Roof Deck Cost - Chicago Roof Deck Garden

Jun 28, 20 8 ... The price of a rooftop deck can vary greatly depending on several factors. ... You can build a deck and put the turf on top of it, OR to really save...【Get Price】

How rooftop decks are becoming the must-have amenity for 20 6 ...

May 4, 20 6 ... Roof decks work best in high-density areas where there isn& 39;t a lot of usable ... For a homeowner to add one, the typical cost for a rooftop deck is...【Get Price】

24 Covered Deck Design Ideas - The Spruce

Jun 5, 2020 ... It supports a roof that is traditionally flat, with beams left alone in one direction or topped with cross beams or slats. The pergola& 39;s roof can be left...【Get Price】