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Composite slabs consist of profiled steel decking with an in-situ reinforced concrete topping. ... diaphragm to redistribute wind loads in the construction stage, and the composite slab can ... Decking type shallow or deep, re-entrant or trapezoidal . Slab depth ... Composite action is obtained by shear bond and mechanical...【Get Price】

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In structural engineering, a diaphragm is a structural element that transmits lateral loads to the ... Diaphragms are typically horizontal, but can be sloped such as in a gable roof on a wood structure or concrete ramp in a parking garage. ... lateral earth pressure or hydrostatic pressure can also be resisted by diaphragm action.【Get Price】

Analysis and design of steel-deck-reinforced concrete diaphragms

action between the deck and concrete is established by a combination ... profiles. Initial uses 25 of steel deck in floor slabs were only as ... Trapezoidal and re-entrant ... M. D. Prins and D. L. Wood was instrumental in completing the research.【Get Price】

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to wood frame construction. The versatility ... ASC Steel Deck has provided structural steel roof and floor deck ... of the highest diaphragm shear values in the market today. ASC Steel ... clinching system punches three triangular tabs though the standing ... weld with the rapid action of a pneumatically powered. DeltaGrip tool.【Get Price】

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bridges, presenting deck types such as concrete deck slabs, metal grid decks, orthotropic steel decks, wood decks, and several others. The choice of a particular...【Get Price】

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Chapter 4 Diaphragm Action with Hollow Core Slabs. 4. General Information . ... 7.6 Structural Fire Endurance of Floor or Roof Assemblies . ... C and C2 are determined assuming a triangular ... wall than for a metal or wood stud wall.【Get Price】

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cast-in-place concrete, topping slabs on metal deck or precast concrete, or ... of the diaphragms, due to gravity and overturning actions. The thrusts can act either...【Get Price】

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Apr 8, 2005 ... Triangular Reaction Frame Plan View Schematic. 2 ... Test Comparisons for the Effects of Center Sheathing Openings. 09 ... The common floor and roof diaphragm serves dual purposes by supporting vertical forces ... As indi ed in Chapter 2, the diaphragm testing facility is an outside concrete slab with.【Get Price】

4.5 Procedures for Diaphragms

apply to diaphragms: general, wood, metal deck, concrete ... continuity and connection with the slab. Almost ... professional must consider the effect of flexible.【Get Price】

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See "Bracing". Diaphragm Action The resistance to racking generally offered by the panels, fasteners, and members to which they are attached. Direct Tension...【Get Price】

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Nov , 20 7 ... That means that diaphragms constructed of untopped steel decking in a ... to define diaphragm stiffness properties for wood deck and metal deck for ... To reduce this effect, apply stiffness modifiers to the out-of-plane slab...【Get Price】

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composite slab action. All Canam composite decks are made to mechanically interlock with the concrete through “rolled in” embossments. CONSTRUCTION.【Get Price】

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Jul 3 , 20 7 ... When designing wood-frame structures with lumber floor and roof ... The capacities of lumber diaphragms are given in Table 4.2D of the...【Get Price】